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Campli extends from the beech woods and mountain pastures of Monte Foltrone, at an altitude of more than 1700 meters, in the Gran Sasso-Laga National Park, to the Salinello valleys, a few tens of kilometers from the Adriatic coast. The landscape is of great historical and environmental value, characterized by rolling hills. A network of over 20 hiking trails, e-bike and Nordic Walking trails of different levels of difficulty, allows you to get in tune with nature and the surrounding environment.

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Campli: art, history and culture

In Campli, art, history and culture come together in a combination of different eras and styles, thanks to the countless testimonies of an important past, which today wants to tell the attentive and passionate visitor, leading him on an exciting journey into the history of art and culture of central Italy, from pre-Roman times to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance to the Baroque.

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Campli is immersed in the history, art, spirituality and beauty of the natural landscape, thus creating a widespread museum between heaven and earth. The village, which has become part of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" Club, is a small treasure chest, a perfect combination of works of art made by man and enchanted scenarios shaped by nature.

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The Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Campli houses the extraordinary archaeological finds from the site of Campovalano. Find out more »

The Necropolis of Campovalano

Campovalano, extending over two hundred hectares, has returned traces of life and civilization dating back to the Bronze Age. Find out more »